#Healthyfaith Twitter Chat: Anxiety

Every Thursday night at 6:00 PST there is a chat that is facilitated on Twitter under the hashtag Healthyfaith. each week there is a topic that is talked about between whoever wants to chat and interact with others about various topics and ideas. 

As it happens I missed the chat on anxiety so I decided to write the questions and answers here so they could be read and to invite you join in next Thursday. 

Bible word ANXIOUS is confused by many. Bible says “Don’t be anxious.” Php 4:2. Why God consider anxious bad? 

At the foundation anxiety is a lack of knowledge of God Himself. When we don’t remember who God is and what he has done, we can fall into believing that God is not able to do what only He can do. 

The Hebrew and Greek Bible word ANXIOUS literally means “to worry or be uneasy.” What are some of the causes of anxiety?  
The main cause is unbelief. This is why when Jesus speaks about worry is it tied to what we believe about God. 
Sometimes we are anxious because of guilt. See Psalm 38:18. How can guilt cause anxiety? 

The idea that I have a debt to pay that I will be unable to pay ought to cause us to despair. Once again I think we see that anxiety comes from a wrong idea of God. If we think God is unable to save then we will be anxious. 

What does being anxious say about being close to our Lord? 

That we may not be as close to Him as we may think. We have wandered off and started doing things in our own strength until we find out we have no strength and freak out. Our anxiety can be sign that we need to return to our savior and trust in Him again. 

When are you most anxious? Under what kind of circumstances?  

Fortunately I don’t suffer from anxiety much but I find that when I allow times of uncertainty to have sway in my mind I can become anxious. I need to be reminded that just because I am uncertain doesn’t mean that God is out of control. 
Why was Jesus able to overcome being anxious when he was under all the pressures we have plus more?

Because unlike us He had a perfect faith and understanding of His Father. We in our sinfulness forget God. Jesus never forgot His Father. One another note Jesus said He lays His life down and can take it up again. All the pressures that come to Christ were in His control. Unlike us He had the power and authority over things whereas we don’t. 
What are some ways we can effectively help someone who often experiences anxiety?

Remind them and work with them to remember who God is and what He has done for us. We must remember that Jesus has saved us from the worst of problems, that is our sin, and is able to save in all circumstances. 

God Bless,

Luke Lemberg 


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