Day of Infamy

Today, 75 years ago, Japanese fighter planes flew to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and executed an attack that devastated the harbor and many people that day. That day the United States came to the realization that we cannot and should not stay out of world affairs or eventually they end up on our shores. As was said then, this a day that would live in infamy.

But what about things such as war. Why would the Japanese fly to a country that did not harm them and attack them. Well we know from history that as the United States was in no hurry to go to war, although having the fighting force to change the tide of the war, we decided to park our pacific stationed navy in one place. The Japanese took advantage of a situation to try to cripple us.

As history shows that ended up being a bad idea for it mobilized the United States to action.

As we remember the historical events of today we should think about the fact that war and death are a normal part of our lives because of the fall and the resulting depravity of man. One generation outside Adam and Eve, we see murder and fighting. Oddly enough we see an unprovoked attack performed at an opportune time on a harmless enemy. The depravity of man really does not see much of a bottom. When we think we have reached it humanity never ceases to amaze.

What can we learn from war and death? Clearly the first point is that all these things are a result of sin. The world as it was made by its creator was never meant to be like this. We were meant to live in harmony with God and harmony with one another, but breaking that harmony with God through sin meant the broken harmony of man.

With that being said we can also understand from he attack that the world, as long as it is dominated by sin, will never truly be a safe place. Only when Christ when establishes His throne upon the earth and sets all things right and puts an end to sin will we truly be safe. Fallen men will always look for ways to attain power and will fight all those that oppose them. Fallen men will most of all look to break the rule of Christ over creation but we know that the Lord laughs that their attempts to do this. (Psalm 2)

As we understand that the foundational reason for this is sin, and that not ending until God comes and ends it, how could there be a temporary peace in our time? If events like this are the effects of sin then we need something to take away that sin and free us from the rule of sin. Jesus is the lamb that takes away the sin of the world. Jesus is the one that we need to submit to now so the God of peace and give us peace in this time. Jesus is the on e that can change the hearts of men so they no longer seek after their own power but the Glory of God.

The message of the gospel is the only thing with the power to change men, and we need to spread it to all men everywhere. I pray that as we are in the Christmas season, we can proclaim that The Lamb has come to take away the sin of the world, and He will one day bring an end to events like the one we remember today.

In His Name,



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