”Tis The Season!

As we now start the Christmas season I would like to take time to remind ourselves exactly what it is that we are looking forward too. It is clear that there is nothing hallowed about Halloween, nothing thankful about thanksgiving, and nothing Christ-like about Christmas.

We ought to be honest with ourselves when we look at the fact that it has been a long slow process of taking Christ out of Christmas even as far as beloved stories such as Christmas Carol, which barely even has reference to a tree let alone a nativity. The things that we are seeing today is the fruit of this long process.

We as Christians need to remember that although this is not the most important day on the Christian calendar but it is the beginning of the salvation of our souls. The beginning of the life that was lived for us is celebrated on this day and let’s face it, without the life we could not have the salvation.

We also need to remember when we see the baby in the manger we need to think about that fact that Christmas at its heart is about humility. God the Son took on flesh and made himself in need. He was a baby that needed to be fed and clothed and changed and all these things. He needed to be looked after so he didn’t get lost like he did once. He needed to work in the family business to pay bills and take care of his mother. God the creator of everything needed food when he went hungry for 40 days.

Humility should gird everything that the Chrisian does. It is amazing how people will push and shove and sometimes trample to be able to get the best gift for cheap so they can win the “Present Contest” for Christmas. We are not being humble if we give so people can complement us and how giving we are. We are not being humble when think that giving something may result in something for us to cash in later. God the Son gave up his life for us not for his own glory, although being God he is worthy of, but gave it to glorify His Father. We should take on the same mind this year.

When we give we should give not for ourselves but because God has blessed us with the ability to give to others. God has allowed us some material blessing to enjoy that shows how great He is, not how great we are.
God Bless and Merry Christmas,
Luke Lemberg


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