An entry about the purpose of this Blog site


I would like the first post that I put up to be about why I am starting this blog in the first place. blogging is something that i have wanted to try for some time and now I decided to make it happen. As I go through this time I would like to lay out some of the goals that I hope are accomplished by the reading of this blog.

1. I want this to provoke thought. I do not need everyone who reads and stays updated on the blog to agree with everything that I say, but I do want the reader to think about what I write. I hope that reading this blog will inspire you to do research into the doctrinal questions that are written about. I don’t care if I persuade you to my point of view, but if I cause you to research then my job is done.

2. This is not about being famous. Yes, I want the largest audience that I can attain to read my blog, but I don’t want to be the reason that it read. I joke his doesn’t sound consistent and maybe not coherent as well but my heart is just to bring thoughts and ideas and arguments torus world. In all the white noise that is the Internet, I hope to bring one more good voice to the chorus of great thinkers and people defending the faith.

3. This is for fun. Yes I have an agenda, but if no one reads this, I have lost nothing. I can stop just as well as I have started. I won’t be pressured to write but will do so as I can.

In the end I hope that this is enjoyable and thought provoking to read, and glorifying to God.



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